For all you wanderers out there, we know travelling is your way of life. Your sweet escape. That opportunity to let all your wanderlust out. However, before you jump at the mere suggestion of a new trip, how well are you acknowledged with all the basic essentials that you need to shove in your bag for the adventure?


Yeah, well, clothes, shoes, makeup are all what you need to pack in your travel bag. But, that’s not what we’re talking about here. We are talking about the essentials that often take a step back in all the travel preparation. Let us remind you of all the essentials so you don’t have to ditch your schedule and run around looking for them.


First Aid Kit

First and foremost. Carrying all the necessary first aid supplies is something you shouldn’t forget but yet we all do sometimes. Since, travelling comes with a series of adventures and experiences, between all these escapades, mishaps are most likely to find a way to strike you. So why miss carrying a tiny box with all your emergency health supplies?


Sanitary essentials

Anti-bacterial wipes, fresh wipes, hand sanitizers, dry towels, a small bar of soap etc etc. Although, these personal hygiene items are expected to greet you in your hotel room, you never know where your itinerary schedule might take you. So, just in case, these basic sanitary essentials should come along with you, either in your travel bag or your carry bag.


Healthy, packed snacks


Granola bars, dried fruits, pretzels, roasted chickpeas, berries…

Think if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere in your quest to explore a new place and need some energy to find your way back to where you started from. Okay, that’s a bit too exaggerated. But you get my point. In any case, carrying these go to snacks in your purse won’t hurt.


Sealable plastic bags

You never know when and how you might need plastic bags. To throw all your used cups or empty food packets? To use it for health emergencies? Could be anything.


Travel Journal and camera


Could be missed quite easily. Yes, this is not such an essential item to remember while travelling but what’s the whole point of your travel when you don’t secure the memories and experiences somewhere?


Maps and a detailed itinerary


If you find yourself away from the rest of the travellers or somewhere that you’re not supposed to be, yes we know, you live in the 21st century and there’s always the internet and google maps to refer to. But why would you want to waste your time and energy surfing through? Rather, referring to a map and the itinerary is a much more interesting option.

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