If you are the “I have nothing to wear” person every morning then this article is your best friend for today. The every morning dilemma happens because you have all the funky trendy pieces but you do not own simple basics upon which you can build your outfit. Here are some tips and must have basics for you to slowly but steadily build a fantastic and a reliable wardrobe around.


High Quality Basics

A simple white t shirt or a pair of jeans do not generally coax you to spend a bomb over. However a trendy piece might easily elude your budget. This is the first mistake of smart shopping. Invest in high quality basics that last longer and can be worn a million times than a trendy piece that ends up on your body twice.



Crew Neck Sweaters


Crew neck sweaters are unique. They can be dressed up or down, can be layered or worn stand alone. They can be paired up with skirt of a pair of pants and slightly longer ones can be worn as dresses too. Such a versatile dress with so many permutations and combinations NEEDS a place in the wardrobe.



An A Line Skirt

A monochromatic A-line skirt is a nice change from a stuck up jeans routine or a dress phase.


Black Blazers

A staple basic and an unquestionable must have.


White Collared Shirt


Investing in a 100% silk or a slight blend with higher thread count is very justified splurge because both casual and formal looks can be elevated to a completely another level when created with a crisp white collared shirt.





The perfect party dress when you can never be over or underdressed with a Little White Dress.



Dark Blue Jeans


Nobody thinks twice while buying a simple blue jeans but it is very important to buy a jeans that fit you well. Investing in good quality jeans that fits you well will last you for years, and if you are anything like us, jeans is bound to be your most worn staple from your wardrobe. It doesn’t make sense to throw out ruined jeans and buying a new pair every two years because you didn’t invest in a good quality pair.


Everyday Jewellery


Simple everyday jewellery is an irreplaceable part of your wardrobe and almost everyone makes the mistake of overlooking this item. Nobody dresses up for a fancy party every night unless you are Kim Kardashian. So, it is only logical to have some simple small pieces of jewellery for every day use in that overflowing collection of statement jewellery.


Leather Jacket

Nobody likes to wear basic pieces like the ones listed everyday. So, a leather jacket or a faux leather jacket in black brown or neutral shades works as a good way to ground your trendy pieces and create a balance.


Black Pumps


There is no simpler way to elevate a meh outfit than adding a pair of heels. Black pumps are the heels that work on everything. Did I just give you a cheatcode?


Trench Coat


The more you layer, the more sophisticated your outfit looks. Perfectly fitted layered outfits also tend to give a sense of drama and create a flattering silhouette. Some of you not staying in colder weathers can skip this piece for a thin cardigan in white, black, or neutral shades.

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