Located just near Hoppipola and Khar Social, this new restaurant, is taking the Mediterranean food scene in Bombay by storm! Cute, and quaint, it has two sections – one is a dine-in only section, with a really cute basement- perfect to take your laptop and answer emails while munching on a quick salad, or relax with books and boardgames(they provide both) with friends, over some fabulous tea. The other section, is an outdoor shisha section, with cute lights, and wall-to-wall faux-grass decor. But what we’re really after, is the food!

I am not big on salads without meat, but we still decided to taste the Tea Leaf Salad. It is absolutely delicious, it’s all about the dressing. It’s simplicity at its best – I have never truly enjoyed any salad more! The watermelon & feta, is the best I’ve ever eaten too! My favourite was the one at The Tasting Room, can’t say that anymore! This is where it’s at! The Hummus. I cannot write poetry to save my life, but if I could, I’d write a song about this hummus. Smooth, creamy, perfection. Topped with an Indian-style mutton stew, it’s a flavor bomb, like nothing I’ve ever tasted – in the best way possible! We also tried the meatballs in a gouda cheese sauce, the sauce was what killed it! Cheesy, herby goodness. We ended our feast with a Roasted Garlic and Mascarpone Risotto – perfectly al-dente rice, delicious risotto, topped with crispy breadcrumbs!

Of course, we couldn’t leave without sampling one of their famous Teas; we had the Oriental Sencha. It is served in a clear pot, with the tea inside a special holder, and is strained and served to you at the table, making for a wonderful experience. The tea itself was delicious, with slightly floral and fruity flavours, it was the perfect way to end the night(and it smelled amazing!)

Enjoy the pictures! xx



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