Blog on Why is LinkedIn Essential for Branding and Marketing

Why Is LinkedIn Essential For Branding and Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the reputed social platforms for genuine people. It has helped millions of people to achieve their dream jobs, projects and to run their businesses. LinkedIn is a forum for clients, business owners, employees, and employers, equating the demand and supply. Networking with potential clients on LinkedIn and marketing to them indirectly or directly through LinkedIn will …

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The Ardour - A Guide to Facebook by Diwen Bhanushali

A Guide to Facebook

A Facebook advertisement can be a nightmare for many marketers, the uncontrolled goof-ups and n-number of problems await at the footstep of building the right copy. There are many questions and a few answers in the Facebook Advertisement Industry. Our Services Who are my potential customers? How do I convert my followers into buyers? Why is my cost-per-click so high? …

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