Social Media Advertisement (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay Per Click or Social Media advertising can help you generate leads, increase conversions, and increase sales. We create targeted ad campaigns that create awareness about and generate interest in your products and services.

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Pay Per Click

We Create For You Highly Converting Advertisement

Our social media advertisement or Pay Per Click Advertisements are written by learned copywriters so that your consumers get lured in taking action, despite what stage of the buyer’s cycle they might be.

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Pay Per Click

Use The Power Of Advertisement

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have published major updates to advertisement formats. These arrangements allow for much more versatility for testing content and the plenitude of ways that you can engage with your target market.

Pay Per Click By The Ardour
Social Media Advertisement (PPC) by the Ardour


Get A Report For Every Penny Spent

We provide a comprehensive report for every social media advertising campaign every week. Each report is customized to present the advertising metrics that align with your marketing goals.

Facebook Advertising

Reach over 1.3 billion daily users on the world’s largest social network. Be where your customer is!

Instagram Advertising

We intend to deliver highly engaging Instagram ads to 500 million+ mobile devices when your customer is young and lively, we take you there.

LinkedIn Adverting

Target business professionals through direct messages and sponsored content and regular content flow get sales.

Mobile app advertising

Get your app in front of the right audience to increase installs and engagement.

eCommerce Advertising

Sell products directly on social media and drive traffic to your online store.

Google AdWords Advertising

Show up in Google search results and across the web using Google AdWords.